Become a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®)

Earn a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®) Designation

The prestigious Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) designation is the only professional certification for post-secondary instructors who teach hospitality. The CHE works for all educators. You may be new to teaching, a seasoned professor or an adjunct instructor or lecturer. It is especially useful for those with hospitality industry experience but no formal education training. 

The preparation workshop provides educators with in-depth information about:

  • Updated teaching strategies for delivering hospitality education.
  • Incorporating technology and media strategies into courses.
  • How adults learn, and how to deliver effective lessons.
  • Creating more effective exams and evaluation tools to enhance the educational experience.

Virtual CHE Workshop

Visit the Review Sessions & Workshops page to find an online CHE workshop. Discover effective instructional methods that can energize your teaching.

Host a CHE Workshop at Your School

A CHE workshop offers your school and its hospitality management department a unique opportunity. Bring together hospitality educators in your region for several days of intense study and interaction.

When you host a CHE workshop, you:

  • Make it convenient for your own faculty members to earn CHE certification.
  • Provide a place for educators in your area to network and share ideas.
  • Gain a reputation for commitment to faculty development and classroom excellence.

Want to become a master CHE instructor?

Apply to access instructor resources and to be an approved proctor for the Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) Online Exam. The way to complete this program is to successfully complete an internship with one of our Master CHE instructors.

  • To become a CHE instructor, you must first have an active CHE certificate. 
  • Then you must participate as an apprentice in a contracted CHE workshop. 
  • Once you participate as apprentice in a contracted CHE workshop, the master CHE instructor will evaluate their skills and submit their evaluation to AHLEI for approval. 
  • Once approved they are added to the CHE master instructor trainer list. 
  • All workshops are done through AHLEI. 

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