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Professional development for your employees from line level to top executives.
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At AHLEI, we know that you and your team are striving to be among the best in the industry. Hiring and training exceptional employees, managers, supervisors and executives makes that goal a possibility. AHLEI offers comprehensive training and certification programs designed to help your property excel.

Certified professionals are ready to handle any challenge, including resolving conflicts and anticipating guest expectations. Perhaps most importantly, the people who take AHLEI training and certification courses develop a deep understanding of the industry's core values and ethics.

  • Training Programs

    AHLEI has vast array of training programs, with dozens of in-person and online options ranging from safety and cleanliness to leadership and financial management. 

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  • Certification Exams

    Explore certification exams for every experience level, from front-line staff to department executives. AHLEI’s exams assess the knowledge and experience for a particular industry role based on standards set by the AHLA. 

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  • Certifications for Instructors

    Explore certifications meant for hospitality educators, such as our Certified Hospitality Instructor program or the internationally recognized Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE®) certification.

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  • Professional Certifications

    Learn more about which AHLEI certifications can help you level up your career.

START Position-Specific Training

AHLEI's START (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training®) program offers six line-level training programs. Each provides the essential skills and industry knowledge required for front-line positions at lodging properties, culminating in a certification exam and professional designation. Options include:

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Guest Service Gold® Training 

AHLEI's Guest Service Gold® training program leads to the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) designation. It is recommended for use in every workforce program, to develop the solid guest service skills that are critical in the hospitality industry. There are two versions of the course:

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Become A Registered Proctor 

Empower professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through certification. Follow easy steps to apply to be a proctor and manage exam sessions for certification candidates. 


Request a Copy of a Certificate

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Review Sessions and Workshops 

Designed for learners at every rung of the hospitality ladder. Browse diverse, critical review sessions or workshops created for everyone from guestroom attendants and restaurant servers to members of the C-suite. 

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