May 5

By Elizabeth Johnson

New AHLEI Textbook Provides Latest in Advanced Food Safety Management Concepts

Food Safety and Quality Management

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) has published a new edition of its food safety textbook, Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition, by Ronald F. Cichy and JaeMin Cha from The School of Hospitality Business, Michigan State University.

“Food safety is a vitally important topic, even a life-and-death matter. Everyone in every food service operation bears some responsibility for food safety, as well as those working in the food supply chain. All concerned must be diligent. People are the first line of defense when it comes to ensuring food safety as well as food quality,” the authors state in the textbook’s preface.  “The basic objective of Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition, is to present a managerial system that enhances food safety, preserves food quality, and controls food costs. All three of these goals are interrelated and intertwined as the owners, managers, and staff members of food service operations strive to create positively memorable experiences for their guests.”

Previously titled Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP System, Second Edition, the new book has been significantly revised and expanded to include the most current advanced topics in food safety, with a focus on:

  • Active managerial control: The new edition provides real-world examples from global industry leaders to illustrate best practices in food safety and crisis management, including a new chapter dedicated to allergen risk management
  • Technology and innovation: The third edition explores the impact of the latest technology on food safety and quality management throughout a food service operation and beyond.
  • Quality management across control points: The book demonstrates the return on investment with guests, staff members, and the bottom line when quality management is employed.

New features in the third edition of Food Safety and Quality Management include:

  • Case studies, examples, and checklists describing global business best practices of active managerial control
  • International examples not tied to American compliance-based certifications
  • Two new chapters covering food allergies and food safety management systems and technology
  • Content updated to reflect the most recent changes within the FDA Food Code

Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition is also available in eText format through VitalSource, a leading global eReader platform.