May 5

By Elizabeth Johnson

New Edition of AHLEI’s Supervision Textbook Features Mini-Case Studies, eText Option

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) has published a significantly revised edition of its market-leading textbook, Supervision in the Hospitality Industry by Jack Ninemeier, Ph.D., professor emeritus, The School of Hospitality Business, Michigan State University.

This foundational textbook introduces students to supervision and management skills that are essential to a successful career in hospitality. Ninemeier, drawing on his considerable industry experience and insight, takes a fresh look at the Supervision course, expanding coverage of topics critical to the workforce today.

“It would be easy to assume that the best practices for supervision haven’t changed much over the years. But in fact, each edition of this text has undergone extensive changes to ensure that students, hospitality industry staff members, and other readers are presented with the best recommendations on how to direct the work of employees,” stated author Ninemeier in his preface to the sixth edition.

In particular, he cited four areas that have changed significantly in the last few years, requiring added attention in this new edition of the Supervision textbook: employee professional development and career building, creating guest-centric experiences, cultivating diverse and inclusive culture, and the many uses of technology in the industry.

The sixth edition of Supervision in the Hospitality Industry also features:

  • Updated content throughout to align with current trends, standards, and business practices in the industry
  • A brand new look and feel and updated pedagogy to break up the content and support student learning
  • 28 new mini case studies to contextualize the topics in each chapter and give students a chance to synthesize and apply their knowledge

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, Sixth Edition, is also available in eText format through VitalSource, a leading global eReader platform.