Nov 5

Purchasing an Exam Just Got Even Easier

AHLEI is excited to introduce ExamFlex™, a brand-new way to purchase a proctored exam.

With ExamFlex you have the flexibility to choose a print or online exam at the time the exam is administered, instead of doing so at the moment of order or purchase.

One exam, both options! What could be simpler?

The Big ExamFlex News from AHLEI

In the past, educators and proctors had to choose between ordering answer sheets in advance or creating an online exam session. If you have ever had to switch from a paper exam to an online exam, you know that switching between exam formats on short notice can lead to delays for you and your students. Not anymore! ExamFlex offers the convenience to tailor an exam to your circumstances at any time.

With ExamFlex, AHLEI is debuting the following features:

Scheduling Flexibility

  • The ability to change exam formats on the same day as your test. Academic Educators and Proctors can choose the exam format that best suits their students needs at the time – and then switch if required. You can switch from print to online format, or from online to print.

Personalized Print Answer Sheets

  • With ExamFlex, paper exam materials are customized to your exam session, including answer sheets created with each student’s information. No more spelling errors or missing information.

Online Access to Exam Results and Certificates

  • To use ExamFlex, all customers--both instructor/proctors and students-- will register an account on to take an online or print exam.
  • The ExamFlex scanning system will upload all print exam results and digital certificates to the student’s and exam-giver’s accounts, reducing the time you wait for results.
  • As always, online exam results and certificates are available within minutes of the session’s end.

How does ExamFlex Work?

Students will get a voucher or exam assigned to them by the course Educator or Proctor. When the exam session is created, the Educator or Proctor will determine if the test will be a print exam or an online exam. For a print exam, a personalized answer sheet can be downloaded and printed for each student. Both students and exam-givers can download and print the answer sheets. The exam questions are available only to the exam-giver (of course!).

What Can You Do with ExamFlex?

  • A school or district can assign key codes to teachers, and teachers can choose whether to administer a print or online exam for their course.
  • If a student or learner misses an exam, the exam key code goes right back into the owner’s account, whether that is the educator or the student. There are no wasted exam credits.
  • Fast and easy online access to exam results and certificates.

What is changing with the introduction of ExamFlex?

As of January 1, 2024, AHLEI will no longer be shipping print exam answer sheets to customers. Customers can purchase an ExamFlex proctored exam, and when the time comes to administer the exam session, they can choose a print or online exam. If a print exam is chosen, the customer can download and print exam answer sheet(s) and relevant exam materials from their own computer.

What is the Last Date to Order the Current Print Exam Answer Sheets?

The last date to order print exam answer sheets from AHLEI will be December 31, 2023.

The last date to submit generic answer sheets will be June 30, 2024.

What if my students can’t access the internet to create their account on

Don't worry! We have a solution for you--watch for future posts.